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Brian Wiater


  Brian Wiater  
  Lead Vocals

Brian Wiater began playing music, professionally, when he was just 13 years old. His parents proved to be very supportive of his musical endeavors and, by growing up in an ethnic household, he was exposed to polka music at a very young age. Brian Wiater’s first live performance actually took place at the age of 10, after his father convinced Gaylord Klancnik and Eddie Adamic to let his son “sit in” on drums during a Mother’s Day dance in 1976 being held at the Slovene American Club in Melvindale, Michigan. Impressed by the youngster’s potential, Gaylord immediately offered him the chance to play a song on their band’s upcoming album, “Saturday Night Slovenian Style.” A highly talented and diverse musician, Brian was the drummer and featured vocalist of the Klancnik Brothers Orchestra for almost twenty years. During this time, he traveled across the United States and Canada, performing at festivals, dances, and on special tours which included two polka cruises. Brian Wiater has also appeared on several recordings, television shows, videos, and has been a special guest with numerous bands. What sets him apart from other singers in the polka field is his ability to deliver powerful and emotional vocals, while at the same time having fun and entertaining the audience. By acting as the KNF Band’s front man, Brian is able to develop a direct connection between the fans and the musicians who are performing for them. Brian Wiater currently resides in Hartland, Michigan and works in the automotive industry.

Other Instruments:
Drums, Bass, Piano, Accordion, and Button Box

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