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Brian O'Boyle

  Brian O'Boyle  
  Accordion & Button Box

Brian O'Boyle’s passion for music was sparked by his grandfather Richard, who played the accordion at parties and family functions.  As a child, Brian was mesmerized by his grandfather's playing. He would watch him for hours and, using a toy accordion, would mimic his every move. Richard eventually bought Brian a real one, and he started taking lessons when he was seven.  A few years later, Brian’s first exposure to Slovenian and German music came when he started button box lessons with Fred Stubert.  After only two years, his performing career began by becoming a regular member of Fred’s group, Die Lustige Musikanten.

At the age of 14, Brian O'Boyle began studying with renowned accordionist Henry Doktorski, who taught him the importance of tastefulness and expression in music.  It was Doktorski’s instruction that inspired Brian to take the accordion seriously and practice hard, which enabled him to develop and progress as a musician.  After searching for another group where he could play the accordion and button box, Brian’s parents convinced him to join Slavjane Folk Ensemble, an eastern European music and dance group for children under the age of nineteen.


As fate would have it, Jack Tady, whose daughter also performed with Slavjane, heard Brian play and became interested in his talent.  Jack approached Brian with three pieces of music written by George Staiduhar and asked him to learn them.  Brian was immediately attracted to the music, and his love for Cleveland Style polkas began.  He started playing with Jack Tady’s band and became friends with Fred Gregorich, Jack’s accordion player at the time.  Fred spent a great deal of time with Brian teaching him the true feeling and technique that makes Cleveland Style music unique.

After High School, Brian’s involvement with Slavjane Folk Ensemble led him to audition for the world-renowned Duquesne University Tamburitzans.  After being accepted, he performed over 320 shows in four years and played eleven different instruments on stage.  Even with his demanding performance schedule, Brian maintained a full course load and made the Dean’s List every semester.  While at Duquesne, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Technology with a focus on Sound Recording.  He also went on to earn a master’s degree in Multimedia.  Currently, Brian is an audio engineer for MediaQuest, a live event, staging and production company in Pittsburgh.  He also records music in his home studio, Dynamic O Productions.

Other Instruments:
Piano, Organ, Trumpet, Pick-Bass

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