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As a courtesy to our fans, we are offering select releases (that are no longer available on CD) for FREE and immediate download.

If you are familiar with using compressed files, right click and "Save Target As" to the link below to download the entire album in mp3 format:

3rd (40.5 MB)

If you are not familiar with compressed files, or you are only interested in certain tracks, then right click and "Save Target As" each song link below to download the individual track:

01. Ma She's Making Eyes At Me.mp3

02. Pop and John's.mp3

03. Skier's Delight.mp3 *

04. Polka Celebration.mp3

05. Little Eddie's Dutch Hop.mp3 *

06. Payroll Polka.mp3

07. Twinkle Eyes.mp3

08. Aunt Mary's Waltz.mp3

09. Five Points Polka.mp3

10. Take Me Baby Polka.mp3

11. Augie's Polka.mp3 *

12. Three Yanks Polka.mp3

13. Blue Moon Waltz.mp3

14. Flat Iron Polka.mp3

15. I Want Some Lovin'.mp3

16. Goofy Polka.mp3

17. Big Splash.mp3

18. Wind Song.mp3

* Denotes recommended DJ/IJ program single.




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